Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hate bloggers Sergey Romanov and Nick Terry run for the hills!

Apparently the hate bloggers Sergey Romanov & Nick Terry are in hiding leaving the imbecilic Roberto "Mellonhead" Muehlenkamp left behind to sling the usual trash about how the [holocaustcontroversies hate blog team] is innocent of any wrong doing during the attacks against the ARC website, and any involvement against the recent malware attack against 

NOTE: has been the vicitim of a denial of service attack where Google was manipulated as listing the URL with a warning note stating it contains malware.

* However NORTON SAFE WEB shows the site as being completely safe and free of any malware, see this link:  HEART listed as a safe site according to Norton Safe Web

Nick Terry a professor at the esteemed Exeter University in the United Kingdom has been trying to distance himself from the ARC fiasco for some time and via the Mellonhead Proxy he's attempted to lay all culpability at the feet of the despicable Sergey Romanov.

See the posts on the hate blog entitled

"More smear & bitching on CODOH (Part 1)"  (click screenshot below to enlarge)

But the [hate blog known as holocaustcontroversies] (found at lists the founders and owners as:
(left photo linked from Roberto Muehlenkamps public profile on Facebook)

Note how Roberto Muehlenkamp
   earned the name "Mellonhead"

Furthermore, there is no disclaimer on that hate blog, nor was there ever (according to the wayback machine) .

This means that the producers of that despicable Nazi-like slander blog are all equally culpable in what is produced there, and all share in the full responsibility for the actions their hate smears create.

Nick Terry is especially concerned as his PHD may very well be under ethical scrutiny.

Why? Well for one, he has not denounced the hate smears on his blog!

He has also been linked to the promotion of a counterfeit version of

[which Mellonhead is so fond of saying was appropriated by Mr. Chris Webb when in fact it was founded, created, and owned by Chris Webb since its inception in 2002.]

Nick Terry made the statement on Rodoh that Sergey Romanovs hate postings (so often promoted by Mellonhead) are in fact a correct version of the ARC vandal attack against Mr. Webb and here in this link Nick Terry himself promotes the same slander he claims is the sole work of Sergey Romanov:

Nick Terry received the following response from a Rodoh poster calling himself
Herodotus2010 :

There Herodotus2010 has explained the history surround the hate blogger involvement in the ARC attack and the insane hatred against the Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team Founders Chris Webb & Carmelo Lisciotto.

Furthermore the [hate blog holocaustcontroversies] still dedicated the top right portion of its home page to fixed links attacking both ARC and H.E.A.R.T right above where Sergey Romanov and Nick Terry are listed as site owners.

Its rumored that Sergey Romanov is running from legal problems but Nick Terry is certainly hiding his head in the sand because no true historian or academic could or would be involved in suck heinous activity.

Can you say student protest...


  1. All I can say is WOW!

    I hope Sergey Romanov and Nick Terry rot in a ditch somewhere!

  2. I see Sergey Romanov came out of hiding and posting more hate speech!

    Someone should trace his IP and pass it on to law enforcement as I heard he's on the run.


  3. Sergey Romanov is one of the worst Internet slanderers out there. I wouldn't be surprised if he was a Jew; his tactics and style certainly remind of it. In person, this panty-wearing loudmouth would piss his pants in a face to face confrontation with me or anyone similar.


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